The company MINTAL provides its clients with:


    1. In the proces of the project preparation and in the production of:
      • advisory activities associated with choosing the right window system (the choice of material, type of glazing, ways of opening, design connection)
      • details of the installation and assembly (preparation of the lining, building depth and  way to Anchorage, the details and methods of elimination of thermal bridges, selecting the proper sealing of the system connection joints)
      • following on from the more details

    2. After completion of the assembly: building processes:
      • instructions for the maintenance and handling
      • carefull kit ADLER Fensterpflegeset with the user manual (free of charge)

    3. During the use of products:
      • warranty service -setting products, replacing the broken parts of the fitting and treatment of minor damage to the surface of the sample after construction works (free of charge)
      • customer service - exactly as the warranty (charge)
      • the possibility of regular treatments -regular 1 x annual treatment of the surface of the fitting, treatment of injuries caused by the use of caring kit of settings (charge)
      • carefull kit ADLER Fensterpflegeset – delivery service upon request (charge and postage)