As a result of knowledge in construction in the area of connection joints (connection to a vent window) we entirely withdraw from the obsolete and absolutely the wrong Assembly procedure-mechanical anchoring (Staples, screws) and foam insulation PUR foam. Where is the problem? For the embed window in the gap it goes to the fomation of moisture (steam) from the interior to PUR foam and leaking in the water for the influence of circumferential cracks in the contact window frame-masonry.

By showing that the effects of an increase of the wet of the PUR foam by 5% to about 50% of its insulating ability of the reduction is actually creating a thermal bridge and condensation on the inside lining of the fault-and fungi. And now also in the prescribed procedure for the installation of Windows using the CSN 733134 called. seals in three planes:


  • the Interior plane - sealing (protection)-thermal insulation (PUR foam), s.c. steam proofness and the waterproof foil
  • the centre plane - it is insulating layer of PUR foam
  • the exterior plane - composed by s.c. steam profness and waterproof foil


According to the principle "inside more tightly than outside" is the perfect dryness inside the joints and thus to achieve consistently excellent insulating capacity without subsequent defects and inconvenience.




To achieve perfection in detail the company uses products I3 system of Illbruck


  Window film interior

  Exterior window film