Water-borne varnishes on the basis of acrylate and disperzed require adequate sealing and cleaned off the cover tape. In the painting, or painting or repair damaged walls of the apartment, durring the parging, it is necessary to protect the wood window covering tape or sealer, cement, mortar, lime and pollution.


  Tesa 4438   blue
  Tesa 4438   pink/white
  Scotch Brand Tape   yellow
  Scotch Brand 2090
  Long Mask
  Masking Tape


Recommended practice for the protection of the coating after seeding in the construction of Windows:

  1. After the installation of Windows, before the builder work, stick on the window molding plaster (e.g. PICC 6 mm) and the whole window taped over with protective foil
  2. During the builder work to air
  3. After the builder work remove the foil and fractured off part of the spraying bar


In any case, do not use paper adhesive tape, as by the action of UV  and heat occurs from the remnants of the tape on the surface (glue residues) of irremovable! If you choose to use other tapes, please read the included instructions, because many tapes commonly available in retail are not suitable for use on acrylic paint!