Wood-aluminum and wooden windows

Why is it profitable to choose Windows fy. Mintal?

  • High-dimensional accuracy due to the use of computer controlled CNC and moulded sole technology
  • The deeper the flush mounted in the wing with improved thermal insulation glass break rule out water on the condenzation
  • Frame and pterygoid profile s.c. Soft line (rounding of the edges), the life of the coating to the extension
  • The use of modern drip SPREE  to perfect taking water and improve the insulation properties
  • The modern shape of the glazing bars s.c. with the nose which in combination with flexible sealing material prevents moisture penetration into the space under the rail contact-glazing frame
  • Application of surface treatment ADLER "HighRes" generation with the right to provide a 10-year warranty without requiring maintenance
  • The use of high-quality fasteners for anchoring and longevity (ASSY plus)
  • The use of forging SIEGENIA-AUBI TITAN AF type with high standard facilities and increased safety class WK-1 standard
  • Groove fittings has 13 mm axial eliminated risk of the refracting
  • Window seal equipment in three planes-center, dissepiment and systematic seal of the drip
  • The use of tested and recommended seal silicon molding- the glass in transparent and colour adjusment (according to the wishes of the customer)
  • Used insulating triple glazing are exclusively equipped with so called. warm frame to improve the properties of the SwisspacerV and the increase in surface temperatures of insulated glass
  • In the case of larger proportions of insulation glass exterior edges to eliminate tension on the edges of the glazing and the risk of bursting due to high load, instead of


Wood-aluminum window MINTAL soft
Wood-aluminum windows

wooden window MINTAL classic
Wooden windows