Mark MINTAL operates in the market since 1988. Since its inception, the company has promoted an emphasis on a quality product from the wood in the early years from its inception in interior design and in the production of well fills buildings since 1995-Windows, doors, sliding doors and winter gardens. Thought-out logistics, technology and professional skill, the company gradually clawed its way to the top place among the Slovak producers of wooden Windows. In 2005, the company moved into its own premises in the village near the modern manufacturing and administrative Sielnica Zvolen. Also, thanks to the use of the European structural funds in 2009-2010, the company has exceeded the threshold at the level of the progressive and sophisticated technology is the production of manual production with the use of State of the art CNC technology leading to the optimal model, which guarantees the effective and high-quality production and with it connected the satisfaction of our customers.

A wealth of experience in the industry and a significant position in the industry, the company also applies in my professional associations whose main membership in SLOVENERGOokno the idea is to promote energy efficient window and door to the practice, professional practice, as well as the principles of fairness and correctness in the integration of Windows in the window industry.