Light, air and freedom of movement. The amount of sunlight, fresh air, and unlimited access to your favorite places preference: using a fitting FS PORTAL to create a folding elements has no limits. Fittings FS PORTAL for folding doors and Windows made of wood brings together the multiplicity of the highest functionality and ensures that spectacular passes to the exterior. The idea is just as simple as well as practical: thanks to the excellent comfort it is possible to control the folding wings easily and securely move for the party, making a spectacular pass out with the maximum width of the opening. It is possible to combine 7 wings with the maximum width of opening up to 6300 mm.One outer wing is designed as a doorway and can be operated independently from the other wings. This wing also can be folded out of the position, and take advantage of the ventilation of rooms. In case of need it is possible to use a low threshold to allow barrier-free passage. In the past it was a matter of cleaning the Windows of the outside of the chore of folding, for which no satisfactory solution. System FS-PORTAL disconnection allows the wings to any site, whether it is guaranteed trouble-free cleaning of the Windows from the outside. Make your life easier, and enter into a world that offers a higher quality of life for all.